Who Deserves an Award for airfield lighting projects? Nomination Form

Recent Awards
2018 – New Orleans, LA

2018 Best Paper Award
Richard Jones, P.Eng.
Department of National Defence/Canada
“NVG LED Study”

2018 Honorable Mention Paper:
Carl S. Johnson, II
“Page Field – Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation”

2018 General Avation Award:
Page Field – Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation
Lee County Airport Authority
Ft. Myers, FL

Previous Awards

2017 – Dallas, TX
2017 Best Paper Award
Morgan Pattison, PhD, LC
DOE SSL Program
“Advancements in LED Technology and Applications”

2017 Honorable Mention Paper:
Carl Johnson II, ACE
“Fact Checking-Lightning Protection of Airfield Lighting Systems”

2017 Air Carrier Award:
YYC Calgary International Airport Terminal Lighting Design
Owner: Calgary Airport Authority, Calgary, AB, Canada
Lighting Designer: AECOM

2017 Military Award:
Runway 28 Extension Project
Lask Air Force Base, Lask, Poland
Owner: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers & Ministry of Defense, Republic of Poland
Lighting Designer(s): Ken Lepera and Jaromir Czerniak, AECOM, John Gregory, USACE

2016 – San Diego, CA
2016 Best Paper Award
Paul Thellier/TKH and Hans van der Kuil/TKH
“Contactless Energy and Data Distribution”2016 Honorable Mention Paper:
Sarah Bergstein/ADB Safegate
“LED Based AFL; Live Long and Prosper”

2016 General Aviation Award:
Iuka Airport, Iuka, MS
Premium Lighting with Minimum Funding
Owner: Tishomingo County
Lighting Designer: Tommy Dean, P.E.
Nominated by: Jerry Wilemon, Q-1 Professional Services

2016 General Aviation Award – Honorable Mention:
Airfield Lighting George T. Lewis Airport, Cedar Key, FL
Owner: Levy County Commissioners
Designed by: Don Ramdass/Passero Associates

2016 Air Carrier Award:
Columbia Metropolitan Airport
Commitment to Energy Efficient with Lighting Improvements
Owner: Richland-Lexington Airport District
Lighting Designer (s): The Ohmega Group / Hartranft Lighting Desig

2015 – Denver, CO

2015 Best Paper Award
Corey Stutz, ADB Airfield Solutions
“Apron Lighting Playbook: A Guide For Converting To LED”

2015 Honorable Mention Paper:
Julia H. Grogan, LPI, inc.
“In Pavement Bolts – Analysis”

2014 – Lake Buena Vista, FL
2014 Best Paper Award
Helmut Hengvoss, Lucebit – ADB Group
“LED Approach Sequenced Strobe Lights-Improved Usability by Taking Advantage of LED Characteristics”2014 Honorable Mention Paper:
Nadarajah Narendran, Ph.D, Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
“How is the Operational Failure of LED Fixtures Identified?”2014 Air Carrier Award:
Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL
BP-434, Rehabilitation of Runway 18R-36L and Related Work
Jeff Pace: Airfield Electrical Supervisor

Lighting Designers: Carl S. Johnson II, AVCON, Inc.
Mark A. Goodacre, AVCON, Inc.

2014 Military Award:
United States Navy (NAVFAC Southeast)
Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Milton, FL
Repair Airfield Lighting at North and South Fields

Lighting Designers: Carl S. Johnson II, AVCON, Inc.
Mark A. Goodacre, AVCON, Inc.

2013 – Tucson, AZ
2013 Best Paper Award
Tim Mentel: Columbus Regional Airport Authority
Mel Haywood: Jess Howard Electric
Geoff Kouril, P.E.; CH2M Hill, Inc.
Pete Butler, P.E.; CH2M Hill, Inc.
“Port Columbus International Airport, Runway 10R/28L Replacement”2013 Honorable Mention Paper:
Carl S. Johnson II, AVCON, INC.
“The Good, The Vault and The Ugly”, a presentation on the evolution
of an Airfield Electrical Vault2013 Air Carrier Award:
BWI Thurgood Marshall International Airport
RSA, PMP & Standards Compliance Program

Lighting Designers:
Alan Peljovich, P.E.; Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson
Ken Lepera, URS Corporation

2012 – ST. Pete Beach, FL
2012 Best Paper Award
J. Chad Stalker III, LC/Philips Lumlieds
“Trends In LED Lighting”2012 Honorable Mention
Doron Lean/Lean Photometrics
“Runway Safety Area Program at San Francisco International Airport”2012 Award For Excellence
Implementation of a Solar Powered Airfield Lighting Circuit/False River Regional Airport
Owner: False River Regional Airport Authority
City of New Roads-Parish of Pointe Coupee
Lighting Designer: Allen Taylor, LA DOTD

2012 Air Carrier Award
Rehabilitation and Extension of Runway 14-32
Wicomico County Airport, Salisbury, MD
Lighting Designer: Delta Airport Consultants/Marshall Eichfield, Program Manager

2011 — Wilmington, NC
Best Paper Award
Ed Runyon/ADB Airfield Solutions
“Latest Developments in the Application of White Runway LED’s on Airfields”Honorable Mention Award
Adam Willsey and Dave DeSalle/Kopp Glass, Inc.
“Challenges Meeting Aviation Color Requirements when using LED Light Sources”2011 Air Carrier Award:
RDU Airport Lighting Maintenance Seminar
Raleigh-Durham International Airport

General Aviation Award:
Wayne County Airport Authority, Wooster, Ohio
“Rehabilitation of Runway 10-28 Lighting Project”
Lighting Designers: Delta Airport Consultants Steven A. Potoczak, Project Engineer

2010 — Galloway, NJ
Lean Award for Best Technical Paper
Edward Carome, Ph.D., Lighting Innovations Corporation
“Infrared Sources for Airfield LED Lamps”Best Paper Award
Jeff Pace, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Carl S. Johnson II, AVCON, INC.
Frank Barczak, Electrical Systems
“DC Powered LED Taxiway Centerline Lighting System: A Case Study”Honorable Mention Award
Sara Bergsten, Ph.D., Safegate International
“Bright, Chromatic and Distinct-Preception and Detection of LED-Based Airfield Lighting”

2010 Air Carrier Award: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
for: BP-352 Rehabilitation of Taxiways E and F and Associated Connectors–Orlando Int’l Airport, Orland, Florida
GOAA Electrical Systems Manager: Frank Barczak
Airfield Lighting Designers: AVCON, INC.–CArl S. Johnson II & Agnel Cheruvathoor

2009 — Las Vegas, NV
Lean Award for Best Technical Paper
Andrew Bierman, Lighting Research Center, RPI
“Reevaluating the Chromaticity Boundaries for Aviation White Light”Best Paper Award
Doron Lean, Lean Photometrics Inc.
“Photometric Performance of Airfield Guidance Signs Under Real Field Conditions: Lessons Learned”Honorable Mention Award
Jess Nadel, Consultant Services International, Inc.
“Evaluation of Airfield Alternative Lighting Infrastructures”

2008 — Memphis, TN
Lifetime Achievement Award
Seward E. FordGa Award
Tappahannock Essex County Airport, Designers: John E. Joyner, P.E. & Adam Switzer, P.E.Honorable Mention
David N. Rainey, “History of airfield lighting,” Navaid Lighting Assoc., Inc.

Best Paper
Ola Hakansson, “Future prospect of LED lighting—AGL approach?” Safegate Int’l AB

Lean Award
Ola Hakansson, “Future prospect of LED lighting—AGL approach?” Safegate Int’l AB

2007 — Chicago, IL
Best Paper
Cory Stutz, “Hi-Tech…It’s not just for hubs anymore,” Siemens Airfield SolutionsHonorable Mentions
Leroy Blizzard and Richard Farmer, Manairco, Inc., ATG – “LED system test matching linear steps — Regulators to Fixtures”Ga Award
Greenwood Municipal Airport, Greenwood, IN – Designer: RW Armstrong

Lean Award: Best Technical Presentation
Edward F. Carome, Ph.D, “Infrared sources for LED type approach lighting systems”, Lighting Innovation Corp.

Distinguished Service
William (Bill) D. Schai
Jaquith Industries

2006 — Williamsburg, VA
Best Paper:
Ed Runyon, “Advances in LED Technology”Honorable Mention:
Doron Lean, “Effects of Installation Tolerances on Pilot’s Perception of Photometrics”Lean Award for Best Technical Presentation:
Doron Lean, “Effects of Installation Tolerances on Pilot’s Perception of Photometrics”

Air Carrier Lighting Award:
Baltimore/Washington Int’l Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)

Maryland Aviation Administration

Lighting Designers:
Ebrahim Neman and Michael Meyers, URS Corporation


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