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Researching and developing the best practices for lighting spaces and functions involved in airfield and aircraft operations since 1929, IESALC (Illuminating Engineering Society Aviation Lighting Committee) is a committee dedicated to advancing aviation lighting technologies.

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Empowering Aviation Lighting Innovations

Founded in 1929 under IES, IESALC brings together experts in aviation lighting fields to enhance safety and efficiency in airfield operations.

Throughout the years, IESALC has been at the forefront of advancing aviation lighting technologies, setting industry standards and fostering collaboration.


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The aviation lighting committee is a group of people who are dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of airfield lighting systems. We work with airports, lighting manufacturers, engineers, and government agencies to develop new standards and guidelines, and to promote the use of new technologies.

We are always looking for new members to be a part our committee. If you are interested in making a difference in the aviation industry, we encourage you to join us.

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