To enhance the nation’s general aviation airports in the area of safety and utilization through the use of low-cost, high-performance visual aids for the flying public.


This committee has been in existence for over 30 years. The committee has focused on the development, testing, and installation of items that have been in service for most of those 30 years. This equipment includes edge and threshold lighting, wind indicators, radio controllers (PCL), base cans for GA lighting, airport beacons, PAPI’s, guidance signs, and distance-to-go signs, with installation guidelines and maintenance for all GA lighting and visual aids.

The committee is very grateful to FAA Airport Safety Technology Research and Development and Don Gallagher for his guidance and assistance in publishing a complete manual of our work for distribution.

With the professional assistance of Mr. Gallagher, we now have a complete guide for upgrading, improving, and maintaining the lighting and visual aids at any GA airport in the country. For information and to receive one of these manuals, please contact the IESALC or see the link below.


With the production of the Visual Aids Handbook, the GA Subcommittee is re-evaluating the best way to continue to serve the industry. If you have suggestions, please email the chair (link below).


The committee will continue to strive to improve GA visual aids through new and improved equipment and to update our manual as needed to offer GA airports the highest degree of safety through good lighting practices.


Scott Suchland (Chair)
Joe Fariz
Scott Stauffer
David Williams
Chris Hunter
Eric Farmer
Clay Lassen
Jeremy Downs
Ken Lepera
Carl Johnson
Bill Ropposch
Asad Bajwa
Ryan Patton

Available documents:

Download CSA Visual Aids Handbook

Available resources:

Airport Electrical Resources by State (Coming Soon)