Recommended Practices Subcommittee

The 2021 IESALC has been cancelled. It has been determined by the IESALC Leadership that due to continuing lack of potential attendance at the conference, and the requirement of our parent organization, the Illuminating Engineering Society, that until further notice all in-person public events of over 50 persons held by IES sanctioned committees shall be with 100% fully vaccinated attendees only. In addition, with current conditions of COVID-19 variants on the rise, the likelihood of attendees being willing to attend continues to be of concern.

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Mission Statement

  1. Provide for adequately lighted areas where parked aircraft can be safely ground handled and aircraft crew members and passengers may safely board and deplane;
  2. Provide for adequately lighted access roadway for safety of vehicles and pedestrians;
  3. Provide direction for planners and developers of other roadways and parking facilities in the vicinity of the airport. All while taking into account the special needs of the airport environment such as height restrictions and possible undo light trespass interfering with air traffic controller and/or pilot vision

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